Why I will never go to a psychologist and do not advise you!

Good day, dear guests of the channel!

I want to start my article with words. “NO to psychologists.” Absolutely unnecessary and often harmful caste of doctors who invented the majority, supposedly human ailments associated with the psyche. There is only one doctor who can help you if you have problems with thinking, obsessive thoughts, and so on. This doctor is a psychotherapist. All sorts of brain rights are the same fortunetellers, psychics, astrologers and all in that spirit.

Let’s figure it out in order. For example, a person has had some kind of psychological trauma. A break with a loved one, who he is experiencing hard. At the very moment when he decided to go to a psychologist, he confirmed that this was really a problem that he could not do without outside help. And thereby exacerbated it.

A likely scenario for further events: the psychologist will create even more serious “hidden” problems that are rooted in childhood, will explain that a person urgently needs to go to him and tell him everything he thinks about. In addition, he will prescribe a bunch of pills that will not help in this situation, but can indirectly soothing.

Conclusion: A simple life situation, such as the loss of a loved one, develops into a deep psychosis, provoked not by the gap itself, but by a far-fetched problem and a visit to a pseudo-doctor.

The right situation would be to survive the loss, unload the head, read literature, go on vacation. After all, the human psyche in the process of long evolution has learned to experience great shocks than a break in relations. You need to understand this and be aware, and not run at the first difficulty for a magic pill.

It’s one thing when there really are mental problems, thoughts of suicide, disorientation, a chronic lack of motivation in life, and so on. These are markers for a psychotherapist. And do not be afraid to go to him. Fear psychologists.

Thanks for reading the article. Good luck and all the best!